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Design Trends for 2020

With a new year and new decade underway, there are some interesting changes coming to the design world for 2020. See below for the trends and how they’ll present themselves in today’s society.


1. Cyberpunk color schemes: Expect color schemes in 2020 to get even more vibrant and luminous.



2. Ultra thin geometry: Ultra thin geometry is sleek, abstract, and difficult to pull off without computer assistance, which makes it popular in tech and industrial branding.



3. Paper cut-out collages: mismatched elements are brought together in a surrealistic fashion to illustrate the abstract topics the content will speak to.



4. Hand lettering with big personality: Custom hand lettering is already extremely popular, and branded typography will follow by becoming more colorful, imprecise, and eccentric.


5. Dystopian aesthetic: dystopia finds expression through cold color schemes, mechanized typography, glitch art techniques, and imagery that merges tech with organic matter or excludes humans from the scene altogether.



6. Hyper-pastiche: past art styles are merging with modern designs in one massive chronological collage.



7. Continuous animation sequences: continuous animation sequences heighten immersion with seamless transitions that build each scene in real-time out of the elements of the current frame.



8. Bevels and chisels: these designs subtly mimic real-life objects (like raised buttons, engraved coins or beveled stone), but they’re constructed out of flat colors


9. Live data visualization: going for a distinctly digital look with dark interfaces, heavy blues, abstract polygons and typography reminiscent of VHS technology.




10. Street art styles: Graffiti and street art techniques with a retro appeal to them.


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Graham Brown
Wed, Jan 29, 2020
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